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Hi, my name is Axel (guitare)

I started guitar-playing in 1982. I had different private teachers and also I studied from books. In 1987 I joined my first band and did a couple of gigs. 1995 I build my own studio and the next year Rock of Ages became life.



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I`m Beate (Singer)

In 1987 I joined the band "Noblesse". We released one song on the venyl "NMS Splitter 87". 1990 I changed to "Dynastie" and later I did some studiowork. After a short rest I joined " Rad Kick " in 1994 and we released a CD called " Peace of mind ". Since 1999 I have been to " Rock of Ages".

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Hi, my name is Frank. I`m the Bassman

1976 I started studying at a guitarschool. In 1981 I had first bandproject. After that in 1984 I started with the bassguitar. Since 1985 I played in different bands, studios and did also some gigs. Right now I have two different bands, three studioprojects and also I`m a part of Rock of Ages.

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Hello, my name is Kay (Drums)

Already with 6 years the impact things play began. In the course of the years I played in different tape and projects. Recently I entered with the tapes "Rock of Ages".

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